Matt Goldman signs on with Vocativ

Wondering why the name Matt Goldman sounds familiar lately? It could be because he’s been making some regular appearances on MSNBC as a correspondent for the new media company Goldman has already produced 7 short docs on everything from elephant poaching to voodoo and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping any time soon. Have a look at some favorites here—

THE LAST SAFARI wins award before its WORLD PREMIERE!

The Last Safari received the “Best Cinematography” award at a special sneak preview screening at DocUtah 2013! Now for the official world premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival (Oct 10-14). Ticket info here—

Goldman releases Dangerous Demand through

Goldman is making short documentary content for media start up Vocativ (
His first installment is ‘Dangerous Demand’, an unprecedented look into the life of elephant poachers in remote Kenya. See it here—

Goldman hits the Dark Continent to direct feature length doc

Goldman has been picked up by renowned photojournalist Elizabeth L Gilbert to direct a feature length documentary. The film follows Gilbert on a journey through the Great Rift Valley of Kenya to return to the tribes-people she photographed over a decade ago. What ensues is an adventure of a lifetime for her and the whole crew filled with danger, hilarity and sometimes sadness for an era gone by. The film is tentatively entitled ‘The Last Safari’ and will showcase some of the rarest Maasai ceremonies ever caught on film. Goldman is currently in post production with Gilbert and its slated for completion in the summer of 2012. Check back soon for a theatrical trailer.

Directing 101

A lot of young aspiring directors have been asking me advice on how to ‘become a director’. Why they’re asking me rather than Coppolla is simply a matter of access I suppose :) Here’s my two cents—

Saying you are a Director is akin to saying you are CEO. The only difference is everyone calls themselves a Director with very little verification. Directing, like leading a company, does not happen in a vacuum, and it doesn’t happen overnight. One cannot direct unless he/she acquires the wide ranging skill-set through experience, as well as the wisdom to understand every moving part and subtlety of the Directing craft. And sub-par directing is almost always a case of ‘jumping the gun.’ Before you put yourself out there as a ‘Director’, make sure that you have direct experience (not just from reading one or two ‘how to’ books). Find people who work as specialists in the field-  from writers, actors, storyboard artists, set designers, production coordinators, editors, sound mixers, DP’s, gaffers and even PA’s and learn the ins and outs of their trade and craft. Learn the terms and the dynamic they experience on set. Then pick one department where you feel you could flourish and get some work! Then, after some real life experience you’ll be far more prepared to endeavor on a Directing trajectory.

Aside from real life experience, I’ve boiled down what it takes to be a good director to ‘the three T’s.’

It doesn’t happen overnight, and it may take several failures before you get a taste of success. And even then the road is still bumpy. You must be thick skinned, yet sensitive to others’ needs on set. You must be patient, yet persistent. You must be TENACIOUS and not allow the people who don’t believe in you to define your aspiring career. You must strengthen your resolve with every rejection, rather than let it crush you under its weight.
This one is so important. Often what might differentiate you from the heard is your unique sensibility. There’s no accounting for Taste, so make sure that you’re taste stands out. You may have interesting taste in music or art, bring that to the table! That’s what makes a director interesting. If you don’t know what it means to have good taste, then submerse yourself in art music and culture of every type gobble it all up and your taste will become refined.
Yes, there’s much luck involved and this compliments Tenacity. Sometimes you just have to stay in the game long enough till your ticket comes up. Just stay busy in the meantime. This doesn’t mean you can’t stop to smell the roses along the way. Sometimes downtime is as important as crunchtime and you can use these moments to clear your mind, stay relaxed and enjoy new life experiences that could inform your next film. So just relax and let the universe take the driver’s seat sometimes.

Those are my two, well four cents. There’s much more to it, but I’ll leave it to you guys to learn by ACTION, not word.

Best of luck to all you youngsters!

Goldman directs Google Wallet Ad!

Akjak’s Matt Goldman was recently awarded a spot for Google Wallet. The spot was produced by renowned digital agency, RGA.

Goldman directs video content with Jim Henson Company for The Philly Zoo

Akjak Moving Pictures was thrilled be asked to Produce all the video content for the Philly Zoo’s multimedia Muppet experience, XTinkShun this year. The exhibit uses Henson Muppets to educate children on the global problem of endangered species. Goldman worked with Left Hand Creative to direct the video content inside the exhibit, a music video, and all promotional materials for the widely publicized event. It feels great when something lands on your desk that gives you an opportunity to bring an important message like animal conservation to the people. And as the oldest Zoo in the USA, it was an honor to work with the Philly Zoo staff and get to see what goes on behind the curtain, so to speak…

Goldman directs children’s yoga series.

Goldman directed and edited Episode 1 of a new children’s Yoga series called Lookup! It is currently available for purchase on their official website, and you can watch the trailer then buy it for your kids here—



Goldman’s new music video for Brooklyn giants-to-be Wild Yaks is quite possibly the most strikingly simple and poetic videos ever made! Well, at least Fader Magazine thinks so….

Check the article but we advise watching it on akjak cause the quality is better:

AKJAK & Scion- Secret Project Shhhh!

Coming off the heels of two successful collaborations, Akjak’s power duo Matt Goldman and Josh Hassin aren’t wasting any time. They are currently in pre-production on a ‘secret project’ in conjunction with Scion and RE:UP Magazine. The film is part of an amazing collaboration with several directors and is scheduled for release in October 2008. STAY TUNED!


Akjak’s groundbreaking puppet-centric music video ‘Still Waiting’ for the Greyboy Allstars has just taken home the BEST ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO AWARD at the 2008 CALIFORNIA ANIMATION FESTIVAL!! Fuckin A.

Still Waiting and more Sesame Street Aktion

Akjak’s groundbreaking puppet extravaganza music video ‘Still Waiting’ has been making waves across the globe! Most recently, Still Waiting has been featured on MTV-U, as well as nominated for best animated music video in the 08 edition of the California International Animation Festival.

In other news, Akjak has been awarded another slate of short film inserts for Sesame Workshop’s season 39. Stay tuned.

Goldman & Hassin direct Greyboy Allstars music video!

Matt Goldman and Josh Hassin have codirected Akjak’s most recent music video ‘Still Waiting’ by The Greyboy Allstars. Inspired by an infamous Ernie Barnes painting Sugar Shack (from the credit sequence of the 70’s sitcom “Good Times”), the video is set in a juke joint populated entirely by puppets.

Goldman found Philadelphia-based collective Monkey Boys (, whose founder, Scott Hitz, then assembled a crack team of some of the East Coast’s most accomplished puppeteers, who have worked with Jim Henson Studios, Crank-Yankers, Sesame Street and Avenue Q!

The result of this dynamic collaboration is an uproarious jam session set in the very sugar shack that Karl Denson sings about. A series of slapstick sequences accompany the puppet version of the band
as they play to their hearts’ content.

The video is getting a massive response and will air on MTV and countless other music video showcases internationally.


Matt Goldman directs Tv On The Radio’s Dirty Whirl!

His guerrilla music video for TV on the Radio had its world premiere at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept 29. You can now see it here on akjak! You’ll find that once you watch it, the nostalgic tale of unrequited love will haunt you and keep you coming back for more:

Goldman directs Celebration’s Evergreen!

Director Matt Goldman has recently completed the music video for Evergreen, Celebration’s first track off their upcoming album “The Modern Tribe.” The gorgeous crystal finale was composited by Akjak’s own Devin Olden and much is owed to artist Josh Hassin for his mad skills.

Evergreen premiered on and has gotten tons of play. Check it:

Michel Gondry & Goldman!

Matt Goldman was recently hired to edit a Michel Gondry commercial for Motorola. Watch it here:

More Sesame Street

Goldman’s latest and greatest short film insert for Sesame street is finally completed.

Watch it here


AkJakians Matt Goldman and Devin Olden have just completed working on a viral video for mad genius director Michel Gondry. The future looks bright with Mr. Gondry in your corner :)

Watch the clip here:


Goldman commissioned to create 2 more tv inserts for Sesame Workshop. They are scheduled for completion by late March 2007.


Matt Goldman produces and directs a commercial spot for the hit japanese PSP game LocoRoco! You can see it here.


Akjak’s Matt Goldman has been hired to edit episodes of the television pilot “The Block” for MTV Networks’ The N, written and directed by Sri Rao of Sri & Company.


Akjak’s Matt Goldman to produce a series of trailers and short videos for Playstation at Sony Computer Entertainment. If you’re in the San Diego area hit him up! (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))


Vader Sessions has become a cult sensation! Its a favorite on Youtube and its on I-Film’s top 10 parodies (#5). Its also featured on Film Threat Magazine’s site as well as countless other fan sites. Google it and you’ll see.


Akjak to produce 2 short films for Time Warner featuring comedian Eugene Mirman. It’s scheduled to shoot in mid august.


Akjak to release Game On, a feature length documentary about the underground seduction community in Oct/Nov 2006. Game On’s website ( will be launching very soon.

Goldman edits Bjork video

Goldman cut the newest Gondry/Bjork music video collaboration in Oct 2007. See it here: