Director / Editor


Matt Goldman launched his filmmaking career in 1999 when his award winning debut short film Broke was exhibited in dozens of film festivals and licensed worldwide for television broadcast.

Goldman’s second award winning short film, ‘The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers’, screened at Sundance, Resfest, Rotterdam, and dozens of other international festivals as well as on The Sundance Channel and Channel Thirteen’s Reel NY. The great success of ‘Albers’  landed Goldman a spot in Filmmaker Magazine’s ‘25 New Faces of Independent Film’.

In 2001 Goldman produced and directed the TV documentary ‘Pay to Play; The Rise and Fall of Napster’.  His hilarious mockumentary Sound Suit Diaries took home the Spirit Award at the Brooklyn International Film Festival in 2003.

Goldman’s debut feature documentary ‘The Last Safari’ premiered at that Hamptons International Film Festival in 2013 and took home a best cinamatography award at Docutah. ‘The Last Safari’ is slate for commercial release in 2015.

Goldman has directe commercial spots for the likes of Google and Global Citizen, short film inserts for the acclaimed children’s show Sesame Street, as well as branded entertainment and music videos.

Goldman often works as an editor for a multitude of broadcast clients and commercial agencies. His clients include: Michel Gondry & Partizan Pictures, RGA, Lion TV, PBS, Reebok, MTV Networks, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sesame Workshop, The Sundance Channel, The E! Network, The Wayans Brothers, Moxie Pictures, The Voom Network, Matador Records, 4AD Records, Worlds Away, Goldcrest Post, Big Fuel & Roadside Entertainment.

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Screenwriter / Producer


Nepotism aside, Jonathan Goldman is Matt’s older brother. He moved to Los Angeles in 1994 after completing his feature-length thesis film, Anytime, which traveled the country at various film festivals.

After working on several film and music video sets, Jon cut his Hollywood teeth working as a second unit director for Phillip Noyce (The Quiet American, Rabbit Proof Fence, Clear and Present Danger, Bone Collector, Danger, Patriot Games).  Since then he has directed several 2nd Unit sets including on Madonna’s video Music, directed by the award winning Jonas Ackerlund.

Jonathan has several screenplays under his belt and is considered a master at his craft even by his enemies (if he had any). He has written screenplays for several production companies including Water’s Edge, a horror/thriller for Sony-based producer Sid Ganis (“Big Daddy,” “Deuce Bigalow,” “Mr. Deeds”).

The GOLDMAN BROTHERS cowrote The Kite, a satire about corporate espionage in the shaving industry and he most recently secured an option for the novel Branches, a dark tale of vigilante justice. The GOLDMAN BROTHERS plan on making Branches their debut feature project.

Jonathan currently resides in total seclusion in a Los Angeles home with his two daughters. The white fence is on backorder.




While cousin to the Goldmans, Raffi Adlan managed to carve out a highly distinguished film career totally unbeknownst to the other side of the family for over a decade.

It all started in the summer of ‘89, when Raffi paid a visit the Goldman family in Phoenix. There he saw one of Matt’s first ‘movies’ and for some reason it left an impression on him. Raffi quickly returned home to Garden Grove and delved into the oh-so-glorious world of movie-making himself.

Over a decade later, Raffi and Matt were reunited by accident and discovered that not only were they neighbors; but that Raffi was producing music videos commercials and feature films with renowned director Michel Gondry. Mr Adlan Produced the feature film, “The Green Hornet” (Sony) starring Seth Rogan, and Associate Produced “Be Kind Rewind” (Paritzan) starring Jack Black & Mos Def.

Raffi and Akjak are now developing a slate of feature films.


Motion Graphics


The Goldman / Olden collaboration saw its first days at CNET TV in San Francisco. Soon, they were working on other projects together such as “Pay to Play” and “The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers”. More recently they completed a series of viral videos for director Michel Gondry.

Having done the cinematics on many successful multi-million dollar game titles, he is well suited to handle the needs of Akjak. He is also a total bad-ass and one of the best guys you’ll ever be lucky enough to work with or even meet (no he’s not writing this).

Devin likes to climb really big mountains. This keeps him from going insane because the rest of his time is spent huddled over a computer screen.


Production Designer/ Producer


Mikal was born the son of Jazz musician Obie Jesse and was raised in South Central Los Angeles. He was brought up in an environment that inspired much of his artistic endeavors. His uncle Dwayne Jessie was a founding member of Otis Day and the Nights, and starred in many of the classic Black-sploitation movies of the 1970’s.

Mikal gained a reputation in the Bay Area as a Storyteller/Performance Artist.

After moving to NYC, Mikal decided to make a major career change. Now, 10 years later, he is well known as a premier Production Designer for music videos and commercials and feature films.

Mikal’s clients include Nas, P Ditty, Moby, Kanye West, Jay Z, Sting, Wyclef Jean, Beyonce’, Liza Minelli, Mos Def, Mary J Blige and countless others.




Aside from being the madman behind Vader Sessions, Frailey is first and foremost a musician. He is responsible for doing almost every piece of original score that you can find on akjak’s site. His work on The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers is of particular brilliance as is his song for Sesame Workshop’s Alphabet Town. His musical stylings range from classical to cartoon and ambient to cowboy blues.

Frailey and Goldman have been working together since shag carpeting and pong and they are continuing that tradition up to the present day.


Producer / Digital Guru


Matthew Whitman has been creating award winning work for heavy hitter clients for over 10 years. Matthew’s client list in Film, Television, Advertising, Gaming, Medical, Live Event Production, and Education is simply unparalleled. They include among others, Sony Computer Entertainment America/Japan, Fox, Namco, Novartis, The United Nations FAO division, DreamWorks SKG, Sesame Street Workshop, DEF-JAM Records, Intel, THUD RUMBLE, The Academy of Art San Francisco, Dr. Octagon, LucasFilm, and many others who have found an attraction to Matthew’s unique ground-breaking style of Filmmaking, Animation, Compositing, and Direction.

Matthew spends his time running his own media company called Studiobee ( based out of San Francisco and New York City.

Goldman and Whitman are longtime collaborators whose history stretches all the way back to the halcyon days of college back in Arizona. Most recently they directed a successful piece for the National Osteoporosis Foundation and completed two successful shorts for Sesame Street on Triangles, and the Brain.